Breaking The Silence And Stigma Surrounding Suicide Is Crucial For #SuicidePrevention

When I was a little girl, my dreams did not include going back to my hometown to speak about suicide prevention because my own sister took her life. The thing is, life doesn’t ask us what we want before it decides what it is going to serve us. All we can do is move forward in the best way possible. I am so humbled I was asked to speak at Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation‘s event on World Suicide Prevention Day about the importance of breaking the stigma and silence around suicide. I could not stop my sister from committing suicide, but I can dedicate my life to preventing others from making the same decision. To be honest, I was hysterically crying minutes before I gave this speech because the weight of sadness and detestation was so heavy around publicly speaking about my sister’s suicide in the town we grew up together in. By the grace of God, and my amazing Mama, I somehow pulled myself together just in time to speak. Here’s my speech, in its entirety, on the importance of breaking the silence: Click here to listen.

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