The Photos Worth Keeping

The Photos Worth Keeping

I cannot carry the weight of our years, so I mailed a USB of every photo of us to the last address I have for you and deleted/threw away any copies.

I want to take photos of:

My genuine red-lipped smile that I hardly notice I am even giving because I am so happy with him at the apple orchard off of US-12.

A candid shot of him lovingly looking into my eyes on my mom’s front porch, my bald head shining in the sun because I forgot my wig that day.

My family on the deck of Paisan’s in summer making fun of my stilettos with him that make me tower above everyone.

Him in one of my dad’s giant cowboy hats in Wyoming as my family lovingly laughs at his non-Western flair aka skinny jeans.

Me grinning as his dad makes fun about how city I am, the grill burning the burgers in the background.

Both of us flushed with embarrassment as my high school friends tease him about the high maintenance mess he got himself into with me.

Me in a metallic clubbing dress I somehow fit into and him in a button-up, posing in the middle of the hot pink and purple lights of Liv at the University of Miami homecoming event, the frat boys photobombing in the background.

Him mimicking my pose at his holiday work party, his hand on his hip and lips puffed. Me hysterically laughing, messing up my makeup.

A selfie of my hair starting to grow out, nuzzled into his hoodie as he kisses my forehead by the lake on a cool autumn day.


All of the photos that will never be found on that USB because they could have never existed in our world.

<3 M.

The Self-Portrait

The Self-Portrait

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