7 Tips For An Under-Resourced #SocialMedia Team

As social media becomes a necessity for brands and grows, the teams don’t always grow with the demands. Pretty much every professional I know in the social media industry could use more staff but are doing what they can with the teams they’ve been given. After all, we’ve all been where we have had NOContinue reading “7 Tips For An Under-Resourced #SocialMedia Team”

It’s A Social Responsibility For Brands To Rethink #SocialMedia During #COVID19

Social media has transformed from a place that was slowly losing momentum and rarely having honest conversations anymore, to a media that the world cannot live without since it is providing hopeful stories from around the world, CDC updates, ways to find therapists during this time, etc. Social media is no longer a byline, but a lifeline.

Your #COVID19 #CrisisComm Cheatsheet

Hey! Welcome to the craziest crisis that seems to touch any and every business in the world right now. Suddenly, email inboxes are being flooded with what company you’ve ever engaged with is doing to make sure their employees and products are safe. Enter critiques, enter human errors, enter a major need for crisis communications.Continue reading “Your #COVID19 #CrisisComm Cheatsheet”

7 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Audience

Seven years ago, I had 73 followers on Twitter and used it to basically curate social media and fashion news. Today, I have nearly 180K followers because of the time and effort I’ve put into joining relevant conversations and sharing valuable tidbits of information about the things I love. While more and more new socialContinue reading “7 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Audience”

How To Produce VALUABLE Content In Social Media

My #1 piece of advice for ANY entity on social media that wants to do a swell job is –> provide value to the consumer. This is nothing new. It has been preached in a million different ways across a million different blogs. It’s common sense, isn’t it? You want something from someone (consumers toContinue reading “How To Produce VALUABLE Content In Social Media”

My Generation Does Not Get #COVID19

Already expecting the backlash of this post, but I don’t really give a f***. This issue is WAY too important to let a few strong opinions stand in my way. Last night, my lovely mother sent me an article that an Italian doctor wrote: YOUNG AND UNAFRAID OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC? GOOD FOR YOU. NOWContinue reading “My Generation Does Not Get #COVID19”

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Twitter Strategy

I used to live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, aka one of the most ‘trendy’, ‘hipster’ places you can live in NYC. Just nine years ago, it was not a place I would spend time in. I told my friend that took me there for the first time nine years ago that I would never go back.Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Twitter Strategy”

How To Manage A #SocialMedia Crisis In 7 Steps

It is safe to say that in your life as a social media pro, you will more than likely encounter a social media crisis. It’s just the way it goes. Social media is such an uncontrolled space where anyone can say anything, which fosters rumors and negative comments to spread like wildfire >> whether theyContinue reading “How To Manage A #SocialMedia Crisis In 7 Steps”

5 Ways To Grow From #SocialMedia to #DigitalMarketing

My fondest, strongest memory of Labor Day is one I spent a few years ago with my college ex-boyfriend who I had just reconnected with. We were a force to be reckoned with in college, finding every and any way into the hottest events in South Beach, just a cab ride away from the UniversityContinue reading “5 Ways To Grow From #SocialMedia to #DigitalMarketing”

How To Manage Small, Medium and Large Social Media Budgets

In a world where marketing is the first department to be cut, social media budgets can be few and far between. Having worked everywhere from a $25K budget to a $9M dollar budget, I know how tough it can be to decide where to allocate funds. Should you put more spend behind paid ads? OrContinue reading “How To Manage Small, Medium and Large Social Media Budgets”