Schedule Your Way To Self-Care

OMG, can I just get a breath here?! I feel like my world has completely collapsed around me as my husband and I adjust to ordering groceries two weeks ahead and rinsing each other with bleach when we come back into the house. I thought I was getting pretty good at this whole adulting thing,Continue reading “Schedule Your Way To Self-Care”

5 #SocialMedia Mistakes To Avoid Making

I’m just gonna say it, most of us are distracted right now. Between BLM and #COVID19, it’s been a crazy few months and it can be hard to pay attention to details as we would have before. So I made a list of some social media mistakes you should SUPER pay attention to NOT MAKINGContinue reading “5 #SocialMedia Mistakes To Avoid Making”

My Generation Does Not Get #COVID19

Already expecting the backlash of this post, but I don’t really give a f***. This issue is WAY too important to let a few strong opinions stand in my way. Last night, my lovely mother sent me an article that an Italian doctor wrote: YOUNG AND UNAFRAID OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC? GOOD FOR YOU. NOWContinue reading “My Generation Does Not Get #COVID19”

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Twitter Strategy

I used to live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, aka one of the most ‘trendy’, ‘hipster’ places you can live in NYC. Just nine years ago, it was not a place I would spend time in. I told my friend that took me there for the first time nine years ago that I would never go back.Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Twitter Strategy”